Custom Recordings

Many people who listen to my fantasy adventures are inspired to become more creative and more adventurous. Then they contact me with an idea, sometimes an outline or parts of a script they would like to 'experience' in trance.

I work with individuals to create or customize a fantasy recording to fulfill your desires.

To have a custom recording made, send me a private message describing your ideas, dreams and desires.  If you have an outline or a script, that is fine too. Send it all to


At the moment, a custom fantasy adventure costs $250.

After payment is received, I will draft a script for your review and approval. You may suggest any changes you want to the draft script.

Once the script meets your requirements, the recording, complete with induction, trance deepener, whisper tracks, and any sound effects required, is produced so the fantasy comes alive for you.

Some client ideas turn out to be popular sessions on my site, after slight adjustments to make them suitable for general use.

Examples of custom recordings that turned out to be very popuar are: Evil Jeannie part 3, Rubber Sissy Slut, Samantha Sez Love, and Leading Lady.